Rules & General Information

  1. Minimum age of the applicant: 13 years old at the date of the application deadline. Only young musicians seriously committed to pursue a musical career are encouraged to apply.
  2. All applications must be completed and submitted electronically.
  3. Applications will include:
    • Basic biographical information
    • URL to a web-hosted video performance (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
    • Application payment via credit card
  4. YAMA International reserves the right to request additional information from or about an applicant.
  5. The live auditions for the Program will be held in the USA, China, & at Lake Como Summer Piano School. Specific details will be communicated to students upon successful completion of initial auditions.
  6. Once a prospective candidate completes Phase I of the application process, they will be permitted to begin the application process for academic studies at The Barstow School.
    • Academic applications will include: an online application, recommendation forms from English and Math teacher and an optional third teacher of choice, school transcript, TOEFL scores (if available)
  7. In some cases foreign applicants will need visas for live auditions. Applicants should consult the nearest Embassies or Consulates for advice.
  8. All participants are responsible for their food, travel and housing expenses.
  9. Students will be required to have a student visa (if they are not US Permanent Residents, Citizens, or otherwise have a legal basis for studying in the US)
  10. Within 2 weeks of receipt of tuition in-full, students will receive the I-20 component of their student visa application from The Barstow School. Please refer to these official documents for more information about the Student Visa application process.
  11. YAMA International does not offer boarding for students.  The Barstow School does offer homestay placements for YAMA students. The cost is $10,000 USD per school year. This cost is above and beyond the cost of YAMA tuition and fees.